Gas Panic

This is the first time and last time you’ll see me talking about gas prices unless to tell you what some assclown did because of it.

Now I’m sure this is going on all over the south tonight but I specifically want to address the people of Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas who rushed to the gas pumps today because of the downed pipelines of Louisiana…


You’re all a bunch of fucking idiots.

You all panicked thinking the area was going to run out of gas. So what do you do? You rush to the gas pumps to quicken the depletion. Did you ever think to conserve gas? How about driving less? Maybe not using your car’s air conditioner. No, you didn’t. You bought into the fucking hype. And I really wonder how many of you had an actual urgent need for gas and how many of you still had 3/4 of a tank.

If Charlotte runs out of gas it’s your fault.


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