Catholics not welcome to adopt

Adoption Agency Rejects Catholic Parents:

You have no idea how pissed off I am about this. As an adoptee and a semi-Catholic, this infuriates me to no end.

So this “Christian” adoption agency in Mississippi called Bethany Christian Services does not allow Roman Catholics to adopt through their agency because Roman Catholicism conflicts with their “Statement of Faith.” Now I checked their “Statement of Faith” and I see nothing in there that specifically excludes true believers of the Catholic Church. Even so, this is ridiculous. In this day of abortions on demand, they should be happy that any couple regardless of faith is willing to adopt. They’re willing to deny a child a family and deny a family a child solely based on religion. Even Catholic Social Services isn’t that bad. According to CSS of North Carolina, the only religious requirement is you must have religious faith and be an active church participant regardless of denomination.

This is why I’m not so hung up about gay marriage. I’d rather see a child be adopted by a gay couple then end up in an abortionist’s dumpster. Agencies like Bethany Christian Services should make it easier for parents to adopt, not more difficult. And discriminating based on religion is about as anti-Christian as you can get.

TOF to Deb.

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