The Pro-Ana Cult

Cult-Like Lure of ‘Ana’ Attracts Anorexics:

This is sort of a follow-up to the entry I did about the scourge that are pro-anorexia websites. It’s a really good article that shows the cult-like zealotry of the pro-ana movement. I mention it because the author of the article, Martha Irvine, contacted me when she was researching for this article. She wanted to contact one of the pro-ana commenters from the original entry. I gave her the e-mail address she requested but whether or not it was a legitimate one remains to be seen. Patting myself on the back aside, this is an article that people need to see. The fact that the article states that 40% of teens with eating disorders have been to these pro-ana sites. That’s a scary statistic indeed.

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