A Questionable Comic Indeed

question1A few months ago I told you about my favorite comic book hero The Question. At the time I lamented the fact that The Question went from a man who swore never to kill to a sociopathic killing machine. This past Saturday I picked up the final issue in the limited six-issue run of the series. I was more than disappointed. Now he’s a magical sociopathic killing machine. In the last frame of issue #5, he’s in a port-o-john at a construction site surrounded by gun-toting evildoers. The evildoers want to make faceless Swiss cheese out of him and shoot up the port-o-john. Of course, when they open the door The Question isn’t in there. Did he pull some kind of ninja-like maneuver to evade the evildoers’ bullets? Hell no. He just casually strolled out undetected by said evildoers. So he either now has the ability to turn invisible or he has the power to cloud men’s minds. Kind of like…oh I don’t know…THE SHADOW!!! Then to make matters worse while the gun-toting evildoers were trying to figure out where he went he was whispering in their ears telling them what to do then they would do it. So now is he not only ripping off The Shadow he’s also learned in the ways of The Force. With no explanation about how he came to have these powers. It would be like reading Batman and all of a sudden for no reason he can turn into an actual bat. Throughout the series, they hinted that he had some kind of Shamanistic abilities, which I can kind of forgive, but to have full-blown powers just ruins the character. It’s like Superman said before throwing The Question out of Metropolis “You have the stink of magic on you”.

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