Super Bowl XXXIX

Ok, it’s Super Bowl round-up time. I’m very disappointed in the Eagles’ loss. They were just flat outplayed. Unlike last year where the Patriots had all the calls go their way but I digress. The game itself was actually quite boring. Not as half as exciting as last year.

You know the more I think about it the more I’m surprised we didn’t hear some conspiracy theorist claim the Super Bowl was a conspiracy by the Bush administration. Think about it. The Patriots played the Eagles. Two symbols of our great country. I’m sure some wingnut actually did say this but I don’t hang around at those places to find out.

The national anthem was incredible and very moving.

Anyway, the halftime show was pretty good. I’m not a Paul McCartney fan but he put on a good show. The song selection was a little odd I thought except for “Hey Jude”. That was pretty much a given. And how many of you started singing at least to yourself “Hey Jude/I saw you nude/ Don’t try to fake it/I saw you naked”? I know I’m not the only one. Anyway, that’s how a Super Bowl halftime show should be. Just a band playing music. Not some overblown overhyped dance number capitalizing on whatever is deemed “popular” at the time.

As far as the commercials go they were really substandard. The only ones that stood out to me were the commercial poking fun at last years wardrobe malfunction and the Ameriquest “don’t be quick to judge” commercial with the guy holding the knife and the cat and the spaghetti sauce. The best one was one that wasn’t even funny at all but was the Anheuser Busch commercial where the soldiers are walking through the airport and everyone just stands up and applauds with the simple “Thank You” message at the end. Speaking of the commercials apparently, there is a fake blog about McDonald’s “Lincoln Fry” set up by McDonald’s.

Even worse than the Eagles’ loss to the Pats was the fact that I won no money off the office pool. If the Pats had scored one more touchdown I would have won with my 1-1 square. Office gamblers know what I am talking about. So my bad football juju is the strongest. But like the commercial said today all the teams are undefeated. See you in August for pre-season.

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