Panzerfaust ist nicht mehr

Supremacists Split After Race Allegation:

Panzerfaust Records is no more. I first told you about the white supremacist record company here. For those of you who don’t remember Panzerfaust tried distributing their racist music free to schoolchildren in something called “Project Schoolyard” in order to recruit new members to the White Trash…I mean White Supremacy movement. Well, in a delicious turn of irony that would make Alannis Morrisette crap her pants, Panzerfaust has closed over a dispute between two of its owners over racial heritage. One of the owners, Byron Calvert, accused the other, Anthony A. Pierpont, of having a Mexican mother and having sex with Thai prostitutes. Calvert wanted the Pierpont to take a DNA test I’m guessing to prove his “racial purity”. Pierpont refused and Calvert closed the company. Maybe this is a sign of things to come and all the racist scumbags will take each other out. We can only hope.

12 thoughts on “Panzerfaust ist nicht mehr”

  1. Fuck all of you. One day all of you will be whipped to death by your white brothers because you chose to sell your own race out. Fuck all other races! White fucking Power! Sieg Hiel!Yours in White,Who?


  2. What, did *all* the morons from Panzerfaust Records end up here?I mean, my god, there can’t be more than six or seven people like this in the world, can there? No, wait. Don’t answer that.I’m beginning to understand why Einstein had given up on humanity.These dumbfucks don’t even understand that racial tensions were artificially created thousands of years ago by people that wanted to stay in power and needed an enemy to do it. Easiest route? Pick someone that looks different, or talks differently, or worships a different god (or pantheon of gods) than you. Now back this up with blatantly false propoganda and discourage people from actually thinking for themselves.This has sadly been a recurring theme through history. You’re killing and dying and wasting your lives because some dick eight thousand years ago wanted to stay wealthy. Thus, making you sheep.Baaah.


  3. 👿 WTF?YOU ARE SOME OF THE DUMBEST PIECES OF EUROTRASH I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! (execpt trench )blacks and chinese are responsible for some of the worlds inventionsand they all get shit onyour so called “white traits” dont mean anythingwe all came from the same placewe all bleed blood and it is redoh and danko serbs arent whitemalokivich persicuted your kind and our “black”(and white)saved your asses soldiers so what gives you the right talk that aryan bullshit you are in the same boat as the worlds minoritys and you also said that blacks are inferior Blacks invented rock and roll they invented the traffic light bulb filimentamerican irrigation methods, they designed wahington dc carved pathways for world peace. before you say any thing else about blacks learn your historymy point is that we should love one another no matter black white native american or chinese”All men are created equal” do not forget martin luther king


  4. By the way Stomper if you’re still there in your bunker you’ve been banned due to your overly long winded comments. And the fact that you’re a racist assclown. Have a nice day. :mrgreen:


  5. And, I say: Every man should have right for his own opinion, as far as he is not traitor! As far as he doesn’t support enemy of his own ancestors, land, culture…


  6. Here in Canada, immigrants from Asia, Middle East and Africa who cannot, and will not learn, to speak English or do anything to become Canadian are piling in by the boatload. HongCouver, as everybody I know in BC knows it, is overrun with the fu*&ampking Chinese mafia and viet-whatever-namese gangs. White people get jumped by minority cowards all the time. I will no longer be silent of this outrage, this invasion, this treason to our country. I’m sure there are other civilized countries seeing this happen to their country as well. As a proud Canadian of 50% Norwegian, 25% Swedish and 25% Irish heritage with a family tree going back to the Eriksens of Norway in the 1400’s, I am sick of this rap mentality taking over t all these wiggaz. Enough for today.I agree, no murders, just deportations.


  7. “This is an entry about a neo-nazi record label. Not immigration. So are you saying you are a white supremist or neo nazi or not?”Sounds like you’re a leftist Communist more concerned about “racist” white boogeymen….it’s like asking…So when did you stop beating your wife…Who cares if the guy is a Nazi or not..what in the HELL does THAT have to do with what he said?You have dictatorial tendencies and are a major control freak…especaially since NOBODY was talking about Panzerfaust anyway…this is really a thread about race…and apparently ANYBODY (white guys) who dares speak up on behalf of their race and it’s destruction are “Neo-Nazi’s” or Klansmen…what a joke


  8. All non whites should be kicked from Europe! If you don’t think so then i think you don’t even live in this f*cking place. Arabs are annoying and should be killed.They come here and support al qaeda and threaten to bomb us. In France they are kicking up a stink because they can’t wear their towels. Wake up my white europeaon bothers and sisters before it is to late for our great culture and heritage.EUROPE FOR WHITES ONLY.P.S Don’t bother trying to side with non whites over this your convictions are only on the surface because you have to “hate” someone and you don’t have the stomach to hate non whites so you turn on your own race because it is more socially accepted. At the end of the day if any of you were given the choice to follow Blacks back to Africa or Arabs back to the middle east or stay in Europe. None of you would go which shows how shallow your ideas really are.


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