Teacher Suspended for Showing Assclown Movie

Teacher shows ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’, gets rebuked:

Log in Info. So an instructor at local Rowan-Cabarrus Community College by the name of Davis March got yanked from his class for showing the King of All Assclown’s propaganda piece Fahrenheit 9/11 the week before the election. Of course, all the so-called protectors of free speech have their panties in a wad. However, the school had previously issued two memos reminding staff members of the school’s policy to remain nonpartisan during the Election season. Wow, a school that actually tries to be politically neutral. What a concept. As usual everyone and their grandmother is saying his rights to free speech were violated…

But the instructor said the administration’s actions are restricting freedom of thought. And a spokesman for a national professors’ group called the move an affront to faculty and students and a threat to academic freedom.

He said he has a responsibility to present controversial material to get his students to think and take positions.

Before he returned from the suspension, March agreed not to show the film again. But he said he now fears an overall “chilling effect” on freedom of thought in the classroom.

Stopping March midway through his English composition class was “extraordinary” and an affront to the faculty member and to students and a threat to academic freedom, said Jonathan Knight, director of the American Association of University Professors’ program on academic freedom and tenure. The association has 45,000 members at four-year and two-year institutions.

March said college officials didn’t ask him why he was showing the movie. And he said he shouldn’t have to show the “other side” to balance anything.

Emphasis mine.

This is not an issue of free speech but an issue of not following your employer’s procedures and guidelines. If your job instituted a business only dress code and you came in dressed in leather chaps a plaid thong and a pink feather boa don’t you think you would be reprimanded?

It’s not like the school didn’t give fair warning. Not one but two memos were issued to faculty on the subject and Mr. March obviously chose to ignore them. If he wanted his students to discuss the movie so bad why couldn’t he have waited until the day after the election? It’s obvious to me that Mr. March was trying to influence his students into voting a certain way.

I for one applaud Rowan-Cabarrus Community College for taking such a stance. If only more colleges in our country were interested in educating their students rather than force-feeding them a political agenda.

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