Yet Another Reason To Hate France

French consider naming streets after Arafat:

I’ll just print the whole article since it’s so short…

Several French municipalities governed by communist and left-wing majorities are considering naming a street or a square after Yasser Arafat.

The French police intelligence service, Renseignements Generaux, reportedly warned the Ministry of Interior that such initiatives might trigger heated polemics and tensions between Jews and Muslims, especially neighborhoods ridden by ethnic violence.

In several suburban cities near Paris and Lyons governed by communist mayors, large Muslim and Jewish populations live side by side.

So let’s review. Various parts of the French government have…

…refused to hand over a murderer to the US until we promised to take the death penalty off the table. (Ira Einhorn)
…granted honorary citizenship to a convicted cop killer. (Mumia Abu Jamal)

And now…

…naming streets after the leader of the world’s most famous terrorist organization. (Yasser Arafat)

For a country that complains an awful lot about war, they sure do offer a lot of aide to murderers. No wonder they let the Nazi’s roll over them. They were probably welcoming their heroes.

One thought on “Yet Another Reason To Hate France”

  1. Actually they let the Nazis roll over them because after World War 1, an extremely left-wing teacher’s union conducted a purge of all textbooks – the crucial (and heroic) stand of French soldiers at Verdun, for example, became a story of massive suffering and misery for both sides. There was a systematic campaign to portray soldiers (including national heroes) as victims who suffered needlessly.

    Instead, they focused their efforts on promoting “internationalism and pacifism” instead of education. By the time World War 2 came around, the generation of French soldiers sent to repel the German attack had been spoon-fed this nonsense from the time they’d entered school. Hitler was *very* aware of the social conditions in France, and was probably one of the few people who understood how quickly the French defense would collapse.

    Note, too, that American schools have started to go down this same path.


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