Michael Moore Re-elected…

…to the office of King of All Assclowns. It was a unanimous vote too.

I was curious to see what Captain Cholesterol’s response was to President Bush being reelected. The only thing he had on his site was this picture.


From what I understand this is a picture of President Bush made up of the pictures of the members of the armedFatboys that have been killed in Iraq. This is typical of Moore, using a tragedy to further his own agenda and throwing a hissy fit when he doesn’t get his way. I’m sure the families of the fallen soldiers really appreciate the shameless way fatboy uses their images.

Here’s the thing though. And I may need my own Tin Foil Hat but deep down The King of All Assclowns loves Republicans. Without Republicans, Michael Moore wouldn’t have a career. He needs the Republicans to keep making his propaganda pieces. Without them, he’d be forced to make legitimate documentaries. Deep down I even think that Michael Moore may even be a Republican. I mean the Republicans are supposedly the party of rich, white fat cats. It wouldn’t be a stretch to include a rich, white, fatass.

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