Internet Explorer: Tool of The Devil

Why do people still use Internet Explorer? I mean I checked the logs on my site and 86% of people who read my site use IE. Why when Firefox is the superior browser. If you were to look at my site using Firefox it would look so much better. Firefox can do everything that IE can do and more. The only thing Firefox can’t do is download Windows updates. Hmm, I wonder why that is? The main thing that makes it so much better than IE is plug-ins. Ever go to a news site that requires registration but you really don’t feel like registering with that site? Then just add the BugMeNot plugin. (4th from Top). Tired of ad-laden sites? Use the Adblock plugin. Want to surf the web without leaving your IP address behind? Use the SwitchProxy plugin. And for those sites that look great in IE but refuse to use true HTML like those that look good in Firefox you can use the IE View plugin. Not only that Firefox comes with its own built-in pop-up blocker that works much better than IE’s Service Pack 2 alleged upgrade. It also helps keep your system free of adware and spyware better than IE ever will.

Just download it and try it out. It won’t kill you. Or you can just keep drinking Microsoft’s Kool-Aid.

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