You make me sick

1 million Web users click to see beheading:

What’s wrong with you people?

Dan Klinker operates a Web site carrying Monday’s video of a hooded man cutting off the head of U.S. contract worker Eugene “Jack” Armstrong. More than 1 million users had clicked those images into their personal computers, he said.

Six Internet servers, according to Klinker, are “barely able to handle the traffic” of 50,000 visitors per hour who are angling for a peek at the grisly death of Armstrong.

The site Mr. Klinker runs specializes in these kinds of videos and images. Apparently, he has no regard for the families of the victims and only cares about his bottom line and catering to his mutant clientele.

It’s worth noting that there’s more than legal and political activism at work here: the shock sites also profit from posting these videos. They sell ad space to other lurid entertainers on the Net, and, perversely, the beheadings seem to enlarge their audiences.

And from the head mutant himself

Dan Klinker, a Dutchman who founded the “shock” site (no link for you), said in an e-mail interview that he deploys “spider” technologies to crawl the Internet looking for grisly footage to post on his site the moment it appears online.

Klinker defends his editorial decision to show the gruesome videos on his site. “Without sites like we wouldn’t be able to see the full picture of war,” he said. “We put on everything that is legal and could have news value.”

So it’s not like these videos find him. He actively scours the web looking for that crap.

At least someone agrees with me

Experts in post-traumatic stress disorder are familiar with the morbid curiosity of the human mind. At the Palo Alto VA hospital, Fred Gusman helps combat veterans deal with the visceral horrors of war. It is a natural thing to be curious about the grotesque and awful — but the value of satisfying that curiosity is another matter.

“There is absolutely zero benefit to seeing it,” said Gusman.

The closest parallel to this dark quirk of human behavior is the tendency of people to slow down on the highway when a gruesome accident comes into view.

“It is this feeling of wanting to look, when part of you says ‘I really shouldn’t be looking at this,’ ” Gusman said.

See, if you actively search for these videos you’re nothing more than a rubbernecking freak. You don’t want to be outraged. You’re not exercising your “right” to have access to information. You’re doing nothing more than to satisfy an internal lust for these grotesque images.

What galls me, even more, is that these mutant assclowns that run these sites wrap themselves in the mantle of free speech. Yeah, I’m sure this is exactly what the founding fathers had in mind when determining the basic tenets of freedom of expression. They don’t care about bringing information to the people or exercising their right to free speech. They only care about the money and they decided the best way to get it was to appeal to even lower than the lowest common denominator. I’m sure they get giddy with excitement when another gruesome execution killing has been announced by terrorists. It means more money in their wallet. All the money they make is made from the blood of innocents. When you go to these sites and view these videos whether you know it or not you’re putting blood money into these death dealers pockets. Do you think the families of the victims see any of this money? Where is their right to privacy? Where is their right to not have the grisly death of a loved one splashed across the internet? All obliterated so that these “heroes” of free speech can collect their bloody paychecks.

You make me sick.

6 thoughts on “You make me sick”

  1. This goes back to Rome, if you care to examine the civilization. People lined up for a long way to view gladiators fight one another and creatures. People reveled and enjoyed the gory and disgusting waste of human life. We have, unfortunately, returned to these times. People of relative wealth are enjoying watching detruction of human life. As a note, many historians mark that time of Rome as the start of the fall of the Roman civilization.


  2. Hmmm. I can see both sides of the argument, but personally I tend to lean towards the school of thought that people who go out of their way to watch something like that are pretty sick. It’s one thing to watch someone get decapitated in a horror movie, because you know it’s not real and it’s just special effects. But not even a brooding, morbid person like myself would actually want to see it in real life.

    I’m very much reminded of the movie “8mm”, which I’d recommend watching if you haven’t already seen it… I guess you’d understand what I mean, if you’ve already seen it.


  3. reasons not to view such things:
    1. the terrorists WANT you to look at it
    2. you’ll never be able to UNSEE it, and why would you want such images in your memory?
    3. do you really think the victim’s family would appreciate you gawking at their loved one’s violent demise?


  4. If I had the chance I’d ask the world to dance
    “Parents should realize that the Internet contains dark corners. It’s like letting their children walk unsupervised through Amsterdam or New York.” – Dan Klinker, purveyor of fine online beheadings The Net showed such great promise early on. We were…


  5. Well, I’m one of those mutants that regularly goes to True, some are sick losers trying to get a thrill, but my motivations are neither disgusting or shameful. I don’t want to live in a tidy little hole, unaware of the larger world around me. I don’t want things cleaned up by others for my benifit. I want to have the choice in what I see and know. I’m not saying that this material belongs everywhere, but I believe it should be available to adults of sound mind and conscience. How this is done, I have no idea, but I’m not a freak or a sicko. I want to know the whole of human experience, I want nothing to be a mystery to me. I want to understand war on the most authentic level. I don’t get a thrill out of seeing innocent casualties in Iraq or anywhere else, but I feel I understand more deeply, the horror and the real human toll of it all. I am quite annoyed of the way it’s presented on ogrish, the whole look of the site and it’s porno advertisers is hard to stomach, I don’t respect that, but the content is important for me to see. I do wish it was available in a more respectful way, but I will continue to check that site now and again until I find something better, or at least not as adolescent. Sorry….not everyone that goes to those sites are despicable. I have a good job and two young beautiful children. I’m a normal well adjusted guy.


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