Another Plea

I hate having to do this every time it happens. One is too many times. But again I have to make my plea to my fellow bloggers to please not post links, pictures or videos of the beheadings of Eugene Armstrong or Jack Hensley. Please have respect for their families. Do we really need to see them being beheaded in order to be outraged? Just on the fact alone that they were beheaded is reason enough to be outraged. Instead, how about at least posting a link to where a fund is being established for his daughter Sara.

Not to mention that spreading these videos is exactly what the gutless bastards want you to do. Don’t help them. Please do not post the video.

And if you’re one of the mutants looking for these videos just to get your rocks off by watching someone get beheaded then I hope you rot in hell.

UPDATE: Zombyboy put’s it better than I ever could.

3 thoughts on “Another Plea”

  1. And on a lighter note, they threw Cat Stevens (a.k.a. Yusuf Islam) out of the country today:lol: Good riddance to the messenger of the “Religion of Peace”


  2. I agree with you. Those sick pervs want attention called to their spineless murders. Yeah, it takes courage to torture and behead a tied-up, innocent man. I think that we should help out the families like you said, and arm all Western contractors working in Iraq with grenades, swords, and large guns. Let’s see the terrorist pricks try and kidnap a Southern man armed with several weapons. They wouldn’t last two seconds.


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