Pro-Anorexia Websites

No, That’s Sick: (Log in info)

I couldn’t agree more with a headline. I actually heard about this before from a fellow blogger (Joanne, where did you go?) but I kept forgetting about it. Which is a great disservice to people because it is a problem that people need to know about. Basically what the article states is that are pro-anorexia and pro-bulimia websites that encourage these dangerous eating disorders as “lifestyle choice” instead of the disease that it is. Think I’m joking? Think this is just an urban legend or some internet hoax? Think again.

I happened to find one of these sites and look what they say…

This is a pro-ana website. That means this is a place where anorexia is regarded as a lifestyle and a choice, not an illness or disorder. There are no victims here.

“Pro-ana” thus becomes short for proactive, volitional anorexia. It refers to actively embracing the concept of anorexia as a lifestyle choice rather than an illness.

There are other equally disgusting things as the “tips and tricks” section that spell out exactly how to go about encouraging eating disorders. There is also poetry that extols the “benefits” of anorexia and bulimia.

Obviously, I’m not going to provide a link but this is sick of the highest order. Unfortunately, they will escape the wrath of The Blacklist. They have covered their tracks very well. However here’s what you can do if you come across one of these sites. If it’s hosted on a free host like Geocities, Angelfire, etc…, it’s more than likely violating the TOS. Most free hosts have a link on their front page where you can report abuse. If it’s a registered domain name, most times you can get their webhost by entering their domain name at under the whois look up. Most reasonable hosts probably don’t want a site that encourages eating disorders on their servers.

Before everyone jumps all over me about free speech I’m all for free speech. But encouraging dangerous and deadly eating disorders as a lifestyle choice is beyond free speech. If someone you love had a gun held to their head and you had a chance to stop them from being shot wouldn’t you take it?

UPDATE: Ok, I’m going to do something I don’t normally do. Any more comments that are pro-anorexia or from people trying to find these pro-anorexia sites will be deleted. I am not going to contribute to people willingly engaging in dangerous and more than likely fatal behavior.

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