I guess there’s no “biggest assclown” Oscar

Moore to pursue best picture Oscar:

Is Michael Moore the most egotistical man on the face of the planet? After reading this I would have to say so. How over inflated is his sense of self-worth for him to say he wants to give other documentary makers a chance to win the Oscar for best documentary. This is basically him saying that he’s too good for the other documentary makers to compete with him. So he’ll step down to give the peons a chance. How magnanimous of him. I bet you that if President Bush were to lose the election that he would take full credit for it. The other reason why he wants the best picture Oscar is because he can show it on TV before the election and still be in contention. Apparently, you can’t do that in the best documentary category. He’s a one-man propaganda juggernaut, isn’t he? Just because you’re big enough to be your own planet Mikey doesn’t mean the universe revolves around you.

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