Office Politics

On Friday we had politics in the office again, this time from the other side of the spectrum. One of the staff was going around asking for signatures on a letter she was sending to John Edwards asking him to support the proposed marriage amendment. Obviously, she doesn’t realize how the Democratic Party works these days. Just because Edwards is from the south doesn’t mean that he shares the opinions of its less tolerant citizens. He’s not going to rock the party boat even if he believes in gay marriage or not.

Anyway what galls me is that this person is so arrogant that she thinks everybody has the same opinion as her and if they don’t they should. Luckily, when she came to my desk my phone started to ring. She also happened to go around the office on a day when no supervisors were here. We also have gay employees here. I wonder if she asked them. Somehow I seriously doubt it.

Personally, I oppose the marriage amendment. Let them marry. Who are they hurting? Hell, let them have families for all I care. I’d rather see a child get adopted by a gay couple than end up in some doctor’s dumpster.

The point is. I don’t do politics at work. People are very passionate about their politics. I need to come in every day and work with these people. When you start discussing politics at work, no matter what side of the political spectrum you’re on, you’re going to make enemies. Having enemies at work will affect your performance. So don’t be an assclown. Leave your politics at home. Some of us are here to work.

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