Big Brother Joe is watching you

My second bone of contention today is from my favorite Senator from Connecticut Joe Lieberman. He has co-authored a bill with a $90 Million price tag that will try to figure out whether kids’ favorite TV shows, movies, and video games are actually bad for their health.

There’s a good use of taxpayer money huh? Even Lieberman’s own censorship squad, the Parents Television Council, say this is a bad idea. How about this Joe? Why not do a study on why people stopped parenting their kids. Joe even admits as much…

Lieberman says parents need to play a more active role in what their kids are watching.

“You can’t put it all off on the entertainment industry,” he said.

Then what is the point of this bill? If it’s so obvious then why do you need $90 Million? Lieberman has very pro-censorship leanings. I feel like this is his way of trying to disguise a “well-meaning” program that’s actually an Orwellian dream for him.

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