United Healthcare, making their Indian employees ashamed

There’s an insurance company that I have to deal with on a daily basis. I won’t tell you its name but its initials are United Healthcare. I have to call their customer service unit every day. Guess what kids. They outsourced a lot of their customer service work to India.

I have done research on this to verify that it is true. I have no problem with the outsourcing. That’s their prerogative if they choose to do so. My problem is two-fold. First United Healthcare doesn’t train their Indian employees very well. If I have a complex question about the way an insurance claim was processed they’re dumbfounded. They can only repeat what is on the claims statement. I can get that from their website if I wanted to. They do not investigate anything.

The second part, which makes it much worse, is that it seems like to me that United Healthcare is trying to hide the fact that they’ve outsourced jobs to India. Every rep I’ve talked to from overseas has an “American” name. In the past couple of days, I’ve talked to a Karen, Michelle, and LaTonya just to name a few. These names are not very Hindu sounding to me.

So my message to United Healthcare is to train your Indian employees properly. And let them have their own names. Stop trying to hide it from the American public.

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