At least there is some justice

More on Paul Johnson.

From Fox News

Meanwhile, the top Al Qaeda figure in Saudi Arabia believed responsible for the kidnapping and execution was killed along with two others while they were disposing of Johnson’s body Friday, U.S. officials confirmed.

Killed were Abdulaziz Issa Abdul-Mohsin al-Moqrin (search), the head of a group calling itself Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (search), and two militants who were on the kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Most Wanted list of extremists, according to the Arab satellite network Al-Arabiya (search).

The two were named by the television network as brothers Faisal and Bandar al-Dakheel, who were on an Interior Ministry list of 26 top fugitives in Saudi Arabia. All three died in an exchange of gunfire in Riyadh.

Saudi officials in Washington said on condition of anonymity that one other militant and five Saudi security officers also were killed in the gunbattle, and that fighting was continuing.

I know it’s little solace to the Johnson family but at least the killers were brought to swift justice. Personally, I think they got off easy.

I really don’t want to repeat myself but the mutants are starting to rise again. So again I beg my fellow bloggers to please not post the video or links to the video.

And to the mutants, I’ll tell you the same thing I said when Nick Berg was unfortunately brutally executed in the same way…

To all you mutants that are already creaming your jeans looking for the videos I only have one thing to say to you. Fuck you. You are below the reaches of depravity. You should have your breathing rights revoked. You are as low as a pedophile looking at child porn. Not only that you’re an enemy of this country if you get off watching these abominations. They had names, Nick Berg and Paul Johnson. They had families. Think about that the next time you go looking for that video you sick freaks. I doubt that you will. You make me sick. Karma is a bitch and she’s got your address.

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