Fallujah Photo

The local news rag around here is the Charlotte Observer. The locals joke by calling it the Charlotte Disturber. This past week they earned that nickname. On the front page of Thursday’s paper, they printed a brutal AP photo of American civilians being hanged from a bridge in Fallujah, Iraq. This is their response…

Dear readers,

I want to explain why we ran a photograph on today’s front page that some of you may find disturbing. It showed the bodies of American civilians being hanged from a bridge in Fallujah, Iraq.

Wednesday’s killings are among the most grisly and emotionally charged developments since the war began. The exuberant crowds that killed the civilians and publicly desecrated their bodies starkly illustrate the difficulties the United States continues to face in Iraq.

While our usual policy is not to run graphic photos, we made an exception in this case because of the importance of the story. We don’t seek to shock readers, but we also don’t want to overly sanitize the harsh realities of this war.

Jennie Buckner

Well, Ms. Buckner let me respond by saying…..

*clears throat*


A newspaper’s main job isn’t to report the news it’s to sell newspapers. The reason they decided to run the photo was to cause controversy. Controversy gets people talking about the paper. People who don’t normally read the paper pick up a copy and maybe continue to buy papers. To the Disturber, it is all an advertising scam. The Charlotte Observer pisses on the memories of those four American civilian contractors and all their families and friends. Not in the name of journalism but in the name of circulation. May God have mercy on your soul. Oh wait, that’s right. You don’t have one because you’re in the media.

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