Super Bowl XXXVIII

Ok here’s my take on the Superbowl. The Panthers were robbed. And I’m not saying that just because I live in Charlotte. I’m actually a Steelers fan but I digress. The calls, for the most part, all went the Patriot’s way. They were given first downs, personal fouls and face masks weren’t called, etc. And despite all that the Panthers managed to almost win it. So screw you to everyone who said the Panthers didn’t deserve to be there. If there was impartial officiating the Panthers would be champs.

I’ve seen a lot of people up in arms about the crudeness of some of the commercials. Get over it people. The commercials were funny, especially the Budweiser ones. My favorite was the one with the horse and the candle. We couldn’t stop laughing after we saw that one. What’s up with the commercial for Linux where Muhammad Ali is telling a little kid to shake things up? (POLITICALLY INCORRECT JOKE APPROACHING. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED) Well I guess if anyone knows about shakes it’s Ali.

The halftime show sucked much ass. I think Kid Rock was the only one not lip synching. Does anyone really care about Justin Timberlake anymore? I didn’t see the whole Janet Jackson’s breast thing but thanks to the internet I’ve seen the picture. It was planned. Why else would she be wearing something on her breast like that? I doubt CBS was in on it. I don’t doubt MTV was in on it. But it couldn’t have been on TV that long for anyone to get offended. I think the people who are complaining the most are the ones who look for stuff to offend them.

In conclusion, the Panthers are great and the Patriots are a bunch of no good cheaters.

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