R.I.P. Bob Keeshan

Captain Kangaroo Dies at 76:

Before you go any further neither Bob Keeshan nor Mr. Green Jeans are the fathers of Alice Cooper, Frank Zappa, Ted Nugent, or Marilyn Manson. Nor was Captain Kangaroo at Iwo Jima with Lee Marvin. Urban legends. If you believed any of them please hand in your license to breathe.

Anyway, I only have vague recollections of Captain Kangaroo because in my area growing up he was on during the time I would be in school. I do remember the ping-pong balls and Mr. Moose and Bunny Rabbit. Loved the ping-pong balls and Mr. Moose but Bunny Rabbit creeped me out. The glasses made him look like a killer. Lee Harvey Bunny. Anyway, when I did get to see Captain Kangaroo it was a special occasion.

First Jim Henson, then Mr. Rogers, now Captain Kangaroo. The cherished memories of my childhood are dying. Rest in peace, Mr. Keeshan. You will be missed.

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