Spider-Man Song

For a while, now Little Jay and I have been making up these stupid little songs that crack us up and I thought I would share one with you. This one is actually the first in a series. Every time we hear a phrase or occupation that ends with the suffix “man” we automatically start singing the Spider-Man theme song from the 60’s cartoon with the new word in place of Spider-Man. Then a whole song stems out from it. I forget how this one exactly started. I don’t remember if we were watching the Ironman triathlon, or listening to the Black Sabbath song Ironman or if we were discussing the comic book character Iron Man but we came up with this song…

Iron Man
Iron Man
Does whatever an iron can
Presses pants
Any size
Fixes buttons
And some flies
Look out
Here comes the Iron Man

Is he strong?
Listen bud
He’s got iron in his blood
Take a look
If he falls on you
You’ll be dead
Look out
Here comes the Iron Man

And that’s about as talented as we are. We never finish the whole song. Yet we were pretty pleased with ourselves though.

Right now we’re collaborating on Weather Man. Just need to fine tune some things and we’ll be ready to go. and you can’t use just any word either. The description has to function as a noun as well. For instance, you can’t say Aquaman, Aquaman, does whatever an Aqua can. That’s just stupid. If you have any ideas for the Spider-Man song or any songs of your own let me know.

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