Tex Schramm

Former Cowboys GM Schramm dies:

I hate the Dallas Cowboys. I always have and always will. Except for one.

When I was a little kid my dad used to take me to Philadelphia Eagles games all the time. Well in one bitter Philly December he took me to see the Eagles play the Cowboys. My dad knew someone in Vet Stadium security so we used to get into the boxes but not the private heated ones.

It was so cold that day I felt like I was getting frostbite. My dad asked his friend in security to take me to someplace warm. He takes me to the box next door which was heated.

Now my dad dressed me in head to toe Eagles’ green. Everyone in the box was in blue and silver. I didn’t care because I was warm. My dad’s friend took me down to an empty seat and asked the guy sitting next to it if it was ok if I sat there. The man said it was fine. Nicest guy I had ever met in my short life. He let me wear his gloves and got me some hot chocolate.

The Eagles lost that day. So after the game, my dad came and got me and the man sitting next to me told my dad that he had a really nice boy here. My dad’s jaw dropped open but he said thank you. After he left my dad said, “Do you know who that was?”. I said yeah, that was Mr. Schramm he was really nice to me. My dad said, “That was Tex Schramm, President of the Dallas Cowboys”.

I’ve never forgotten that day. Thank you, Mr. Schramm, for showing a very cold Eagles fan (at the time) your generosity.

My condolences go out to the Schramm family.

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