Another Victory in Florida

State high court won’t hear challenge to autopsy photo law:

The Florida Supreme Court has refused to hear a challenge to the state’s law that restricts access to autopsy photos. For once Florida does something right. A student newspaper at the U. of Florida was trying to have the law overturned. The media, even college media, has some ego don’t they? As soon as you let one person in the media have access to autopsy photos, especially those of celebrities, then countless others will be able to get their hands on it and have them splashed all over the internet. Think I’m exaggerating. I don’t think so. The most search engine hits I get are people looking for Lisa Lopes’ autopsy photos. Unfortunately, laws do not exist like this in every state but they should. As I keep saying autopsy photos on the web should be looked at with the same disdain as child pornography.

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