NC Autopsy Photo Law

Bill on autopsy photos revised :

The N.C. Press Association is pissed because the new law would create an unnecessary expense for newspapers, TV stations and others who want an outside expert opinion on a cause of death by causing them to bring experts to the medical examiner’s office or to seek a court order to obtain copies.

They state that no autopsy photo has ever been shown in a North Carolina newspaper or TV station. That’s all well and good but they still end up on the internet. You allow one copy to leave the medical examiners office and more copies will be made. And where do you think those copies will end up? The N.C. Press Association shouldn’t be pissed at the N.C. Senate. They should be pissed at all the mutants that get off on these pictures that cause such a high demand for them.

They should also pass a law that if someone is caught copying autopsy photos and putting them on the net that they should get some serious jail time. Like I said before, autopsy photos on the internet should be viewed the same as child porn, illegal and sick.

2 thoughts on “NC Autopsy Photo Law”

  1. Anyone who blames a murder on video games doesn’t have enough common sense to realize it was their own fricken fault.


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