Wrestler wins election and it’s not Jesse Ventura

Masked wrestler wins seat:

You gotta love Japan. The Great Sasuke won a seat in the Iwate Prefectural Assembly. I’m not sure how that equates in American terms whether or not that’s the equivalent of Congress or just a state senate. Anyway, I think this is so cool. Not only is Sasuke in incredible wrestler but he ran for office with his mask still on….and won. And he still says that he’s not going to take his mask off even when the assembly is in session. How cool is that? Sometimes I wish life was more like professional wrestling. Mad at your boss? Hit him with a folding chair. Anyway, Sasuke is not the first pro wrestler to be in Japanese politics. If memory serves me correctly former Japanese legend Antonio Inoki was elected to a major office in Japan. I hope this starts a trend in America. Just think of it. Rey Mysterio and the Hurricane in ’04. I’d vote for them.

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