RI Club Fire

Fire Engulfs R.I. Nightclub:

We’ve all heard about this by now. Close to 100 people so far have been pronounced dead. The fire started due to pyrotechnics used by Great White in their show. The club owner says he did not give permission to the band to use pyro. Jack Russel, the lead singer, says he did. A lot of fingers are being pointed at Great White right now and at Jack Russel in particular. But think about this for a minute. Great White has probably done that exact pyro at other clubs hundreds of times without incident. And apparently, club owners are like cops when it comes to covering each other’s asses. The guy who owns the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ (yes, THAT Stone Pony) said in this article that GW didn’t get permission to use pyro there. So have other club owners. And yet not one single loss of life until last night. And I’ve been to the Stone Pony. It’s just another dive club where someone famous happens to get his start. I wonder if he approached the media or the media approached him. Either way, it’s kind of ghoulish. But in the middle of all this finger-pointing, there are the victims. Close to a hundred dead and more missing. Among the missing is GW’s guitarist Ty Longley. Ty actually has his own website at TyLongley.com. A lot of fans and non-fans have signed the guestbook hoping for his safe return. But of course, the mutants have come out in full force. I won’t even attempt to repeat some of the sick shit they posted there but I hope those people eye’s burst for posting such crap.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their family and friends, Great White, and the family of Ty Longley. Hopefully, he will come home.

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