Actors against war.

Actors promote virtual protest march:

I first saw this on E!. Actors Martin Sheen, Mike Farrel, and Janeane Garofalo are announced a “virtual” protest against the yet to happen war in Iraq. This is me acting like I virtually care. What the plan is on Feb, 26th they plan on jamming congress and the White House with faxes and e-mails in protest of the non-existent war. Isn’t that harassment?

Anyway, look at some of the names involved with this. Martin Sheen, a fine actor but he’ll protest anything. Janeane Garofalo, known liberal comedienne. Mike Farrel, this jackass pisses me off the most. He is also in favor of releasing convicted scumbag cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal. Director Robert Greenwald who directed the cinematic masterpiece “Xanadu”. I mean who doesn’t have that on DVD?

In the article, actor Robert David Hall from CSI mentioned that the Pentagon has ordered 75,000 body bags. Janeane Garofalo also mentioned it on E!. Personally I’d like to know where they got this figure. I did extensive searching on the internet and the only thing I could find was this article about the company that makes body-bags. Quoting from the article…

Extra Packaging made an estimated 75,000 body bags last year…

Hmmm. Last year. And not for the Pentagon. First of all didn’t we only lose like 5 soldiers in Desert Storm?

Let me quote some celebrities…

“How is it that this debate has been twisted on its head, that somehow those that advocate peace and diplomacy are anti-American?” asked actress Janeane Garofalo. “Or those that advocate peace are anti-troops or pro-Saddam?”

Those who advocate a so-called peace are advocating turning a blind eye to the atrocities that have been committed in Iraq by its own leader. But hey I hear Saddam is really a nice guy. Just ask Sean Penn. Whatever.

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