Eating the cancer cells from the death machine

Australian Doctor to Unveil New Death Machine:

How can someone like this be called a doctor? Doctors are supposed to heal patients not voluntarily assist in killing them. I’m probably going to get some hate mail about this but I don’t think that suicide for the terminally ill is right. I hate to quote a cheesy movie but in one of the Star Trek movies, Dr. McCoy euthanized his terminally ill father. Six months later they found a cure. God forbid but if I ever become terminal I’m going to live every day like it’s a party.

To make matters worse there is a national euthanasia conference called the Hemlock Society. That’s just sick. Any doctor who belongs to such a club should have his licensed revoked forever. I’m not talking about patients who are in comas who are removed from life support like my dad was. I’m talking about doctors who provide their consciously thinking patients with a means of ending their life. My aunt died of cancer and it was very painful for her but she held on right until the bitter end. If it were any other profession they would be charged with murder for helping someone kill themselves. This so-called doctor from Australia runs euthanasia workshops all over Australia instructing people on how to kill themselves and invented a nice little device called the “Exit Bag” which is basically a cinch sack Hefty bag that you put over your head to suffocate. That is not dying with dignity which the euthanasia freaks are always spouting about. I hope this guy gets a terminal disease and uses one of his own devices on himself.

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