The 2001 Trenchie Awards

For the first time and probably the last I bring you the Trenchie Awards. The best and worst of my year.

Best movie of the year: Stigmata. I know it didn’t come out this year but I saw it this year so it counts. Honorable Mention: Memento.

Worst movie of the year: American Psycho. One of those movies where at the end you go “what the fuck was that???”.

Best album of the year: Horror Show by Iced Earth. This one was tough. I was also considering Poets and Madmen by Savatage and Beyond Good and Evil by The Cult. But Iced Earth rocked the hardest.

Worst album of the year: Stronger than Death by Black Label Society. This album was an extreme let down after the very good Sonic Brew.

Best TV show of the year: Murder in Small Town X. This show was actually very suspenseful. The ending was a little anti-climactic and the winner, who was a NY fireman, I heard died in the 9/11 tragedy. Honorable Mention: Twenty Four. It’s not over yet so it might make next years list.

Worst TV show of the year: The Joan Cusack Show. This was the most painful thing I’ve ever had to watch. My wife and I now rate bad TV shows on the “Joan Cusack Scale”.

Best wrestling moment of the year: Chris Jericho becoming the Unified World champion. Honorable Mention: the ECW reunion.

Worst wrestling moment of the year: Having to see Chris Jericho in a speedo.

Best video game of the year: Not a banner year for video games and I probably won’t get Final Fantasy X for a while so I have to go with Twisted Metal Black. Not so much for the actual game but for the disturbing videos at the end.

Worst video game of the year: Simpson’s Wrestling. Continuing the long tradition of crappy Simpson’s video games.

Best movie line of the year: Lou Diamond Phillips in Bats. “Don’t tell me I’m up to my chest in batshit.”

Biggest dumbass of the year: Station manager Dave Ligafelt of Charlotte’s 95.7 WXRC for changing the format from hard rock to yet another classic rock station.

Most inane political agenda of the year: (tie) PETA trying to get the University of South Carolina to change their team name from the Gamecocks. A Pennsylvania judge reverses the death sentence for convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Worst sports moment of the year: Ray freakin’ Borque lifting up the Stanley Cup after the Colorado Avalanche beat the New Jersey Devils in the Stanley Cup finals. Then having the balls to take it to Boston.

Biggest jackass celebrity of the year: Rage Against The Machine who basically said in a press release that we had the 9/11 attack coming. Runner-up: John Travolta for hosting some Lifetime Channel concert.

My best personal moment of the year: Taking my new family back home to my hometown in New Jersey.

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