Get A Grip

Ok people. We as a nation need to seriously calm down. I heard a report on NPR that hate crimes against Muslims living in America are up 40% since the attack on the WTC.

Get a grip, people.

I decided to do some research on Islam to see what its teachings were and I came across this great website which can be found here. And you know what the two were words I found the most were. Peace and Love. And I found something else interesting there. In a question asked about blood transfusions and was it ok to give or accept blood from non-Muslims this answer was given by a Muslim scholar.

“Islam teaches us to feed the hungry, to take care of the sick and to save human life. In these matters, Islam emphasizes taking care of all human life without any distinction of religion, race, gender, color or nationality. All human life should be respected and protected. “

Sounds like to me that true Muslims have respect for all life. The men who committed the attack on the WTC were zealots. Much along the lines of Christians who kill people by bombing abortion clinics only on a much larger scale.

Now I’m no tree hugging politically correct weenie by any sense of the word but not all Muslims are terrorists just like all Christians, like myself, do not believe in blowing up abortion clinics no matter how much we disagree with abortion.

Don’t get me wrong now. The people who committed this atrocity against the U.S. Must be punished swiftly and severely.

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