More Thoughts on 9/11

Ok, now that I’m through the hysteria I have a few things to say.

Let’s keep our heads on straight people. Not all Muslims are terrorists. Let’s not start harassing those living peacefully in our country.

Every time a great tragedy like this occurs Nostradamus starts making the rounds. Which is pretty good considering he’s been dead for about 500 years. But don’t put too much stock in Nostradamus. He wrote in very symbolical language. Anyone of his so-called prophecies could be twisted in any number of ways. He wasn’t all that. He was the Madam Cleo of his time.

After watching all the news coverage what’s up with all the split screen crap? Watching 3 screens on FoxNews gave me a headache. I think BBC America had the best news coverage. Objective reporting without the sensationalism. It was also nice to get a non-American perspective of these events.

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