You know I’ve never cried over anything I’ve seen on the news before but when I watched the World Trade Center buildings collapse I felt like busting out into tears.

I have a brother that works in D.C. I panicked for what seemed like hours until I heard from my parents that he was ok.

My wife went to the store and I didn’t know about it. I must have left about 15 messages on the answering machine at home.

Both my dad who is 72 and my mother in law who is 63 both said the same thing. That this was Pearl Harbor all over again.

I live nowhere near NY or D.C. but I still can’t help feeling nervous. I’m at work right now probably risking my job to do this but I think it’s necessary. Here in Charlotte, NC they’re evacuating the First Union/Wachovia building and most of downtown. I wish they would let us go. I want to be with my family. More later.

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